Photon Props Fire Katana



  • Hand made designs
  • 720mm long blade
  • High quality Kevlar
  • 300mm handle
  • Aluminium custom hand crafted Sheath
  • Unique designs never repeated
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Product Description

Photon Props Fire Katana

Hand crafted right here in Australia by Brendan Rodwell himself.  Each one of these beautiful Artisan Crafted Katana has been sculpted to give you a light weight, well balanced and sexy looking fire prop.  These Katana are built in sets of 3 each one unique to the last meaning that you will never meet another with the exact blade as you.

Currently the Katana shown in the pictures are all made and ready for purchase. As a Katana sells, another shall be built in its place.


The Blade:

The Katana boasts a 720mm long blade wrapped and hand stitched in a high density kevlar.  Whilst most kevlar being used is 50/50 mix with fibreglass we pride ourselves on using a more modest 80/20 kevlar to fibre ratio, allowing for a slightly longer burn time, longer durability and stronger overall.

Using a thick walled alluminium tube,  then pressed and rolled through a modern style 10ton hydrolic machine to give you that perfect size and curve needed these swords can handle quite a beating.

The Handle:

300mm in length, the handle of these prestigious swords allow you a two handed sword style aswell as allowing you to get your hands away from the flames in windy enviroments, the handles on all Photons Katana are wrapped with a soft yet durable material for styling under an authentic Japanese ITO silk based material that is hand wrapped in the traditional way right here in the workshop.

The other handle style used is the Dragon scale material which is a custom designed material that gives the look and feel of silver scales. A very unique style that is newely tested and is quite desirable and will be changed with other style materials in the future as we advance our research in handle materials to bring even more awesome handle styles to the market.

The Sheath:

Unlike other Katana on the market, these katana have a hand made, pressed and rolled Aluminium sheath that is then decorated with a heat proof based paint and clasps.  Each Katana built will have a matching coloured sheath for the sword to give it optimum styling aswell as being combined with a high level of precision to maintain shape, durability and beauty through out the life of its use.

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