Modular Wakizashi fire swords


  • 620mm length wicked blade.
  • 220mm length samurai style gripped handle.
  • Yin/Yang colour theme handles.
  • Quick link modular handle.
  • Dual sword mode or blade staff mode.
  • x2 swords in a set.
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Product Description

Add some spice to your martial arts style fire performing with these awesome new fire Wakizashi. With a 220mm long handle now with modular clipping system at the base to turn your dual wielding act into a long bladed sword staff style with the click of a clip.

The grip is made using an authentic ITO silk wrap for a nice comfortable and traditional hold with a samurai sword styled grip with under grip colours (black and white theme) to give a beautiful yin/yang look.  There are also a few different types of traditional styled guards that is used for each build,  each set of swords have a different type of traditional style guard making your set of modular swords unique to any others out there.

With a 620mm blade length from guard to tip, this flame will carve through the darkness like no other.  Wakizashi being the middle sized sword from the 3 sword kits you may see samurai use in movies it is slightly shorter in length than the Katana.  The Katana was tested using the modular system but proved to be to long when connected but the Wakizashi tends to size up perfecly giving you that Darth Maul styled lightsaber look or the bad ass duel wielding sword look dependant how you used them.

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 105 x 20 x 10 cm
Grip Colour

Red, Blue, Yellow, White


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