Custom Broad Sword



  • 1.1 metre length blade
  • 350mm EPDM gripped handle
  • Outer wicked edges
  • TIG welded design
  • Strong frame work

Product Description

Anime Style Broad Sword

This one off custom broad sword was based off the design of a sword from an anime, can you guess which one?  Modified slightly to accompany wick and structural integrity whilst minimising weight as best as possible.


The handle has been made slightly longer at a wopping 350mm length to allow for two handled use and to keep your hands away from the flames.  The grip used is EPDM to ensure you have minimal slipping when in use.

Frame work

Using Aluminium to lower weight and Tig welded frame supports to ensure integrity,  this sword is strong and long with low weight for its size.


The blade has been hand shaped into the design you see before you to look similar to a sword from SOA (incase you couldnt guess it) but not exactly the same to ensure structure will be strong and wick easier to apply. Fitted with two mid frame supports to give extra strength.  Having wick only on the outer blade edges allows more visual definition to the blade shape whilst enhancing the size of the flames as used drawing air through the blade.

Additional Information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 145 x 25 x 5 cm


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