Photons 16mm Carbon Contact Staff



  • 16mm carbon fibre tube
  • Short aluminium sleeves
  • 100mm wicks
  • Colourful flowers
  • EPDM grip
  • Light weight center/weighted ends

Product Description

Carbon fibre contact staff

For all you ladies and gents who love contact we bring you the 16mm carbon contact.  This staff is made to be as light and strong through the center and nicely weighted at the heads giving it beautiful weight distribution, all the strength of carbon fibre and ease of use for even a beginner.  Standard length is 1450mm end to end but can be built to any size that you require just leave a message with required specs in the notes upon purchase.

The Build

The carbon used is a boasting 3mm thick wall and kept at a safe distance from the wick inside the aluminium sleeve to ensure the carbon will take no heat damage.  The carbon tube has been fixed to the sleeves ensuring no rattle or movement at all.

Using 100mm wick wrapped as tight as possible on the ends allowing for a long burn time and sizeable flame without getting to extreme.

The grip used here is EPDM rubber grip which we have found is quite good for all applications and conditions, gripping so well that when fitted to a dragon staff it takes the hair off your arm. Aswell as the EPDM grip we have fitted colourful flowers at either end of the grip to slow the roll slightly.  As well as being quite ascetically pleasing these do have purpose.

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 160 x 8 x 8 cm


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