THE Fire Scythe



  • 1100mm main blade
  • 300mm secondary blade
  • 1500mm handle section
  • Cold drawn aluminium inner structure
  • Fully tig welded and reinforced

Product Description


Recommended to be a theatrical prop only, the fire scythe is one lethal fire toy to hit the market.  Stun and scare your audience with this awesome theatrical prop.



With a long 1500mm long handle section to keep your body away from the massive flames, this is only really a minimum safety measure to keep you out of harms way.  It goes without saying that non flammable clothing, kevlar sleeves and fire retardant spray and/or a hood to protect your face and hair are all highly recommended aswell as a good 3 to 5 meter exclusion zone around the user.  Although the handle is long this prop can still burn you if the correct safety measures are not taken.

The Fire blades on the scythe are two in total, both collapsible for transport and are fitted to the handle using 5 stainless steel nuts and bolts.  The main fire blade measures in at 1.1 meters in length and has a strengthening point in the center to keep shape of the blade strong.  The outer section of the blades are wrapped with kevlar whilst the negative space between allows for a very distinct scythe blade outline when lit.

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 150 x 20 x 15 cm


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