Demon Fire Wings



  • Strong 4 point harness
  • Quick button release on harness
  • 3 way adjustable strapping
  • Light weight back plate and wings
  • Step down size wicks
  • Break down design for ease of transport

Product Description

Product description

Introducing the Demon Fire Wings built here at Photon.  Designed with the utmost care for the most effective visual appeal along side the safest methods for use.  Nice sized flames, as safe as it can possibly be and bad ass to use.


The Back Plate and Harness

The Harness

Using a strong four point quick button release harness with 3 way adjustable straps (adjustment on the sides for the chest/under bust and shoulder straps with x2 adjustment fittings.  You can be sure that this harness can be adjusted to fit almost any size and shape of person.  Meaning hiring out performers for gigs wearing this setup shouldn’t cause any issues in the ‘will it fit you’ category.

The Release mechanism

The quick button release is just as it sounds, push the button in the center of the chest and the wings are released from you.  This allows you to escape efficiently from the wings in the event of an emergency or if you are doing quick prop changes within your show.

The Back Plate and Wings

So, the back plate for all wings sold here are detachable from the wings themselves.  This allows for an ease of transport as this is no small item with assembled and helps make shipping alot cheaper than if it where a one piece rig.  Simply slot the wings into the back plate fittings, tighten the bolts and away you go, super effective, light weight and easy to transport.

The frame work is made from aluminium to reduce weight and has been Tig welded together to ensure the strongest yet agile build possible.  With a new method of wicking using a step down size method as the wicks get closer to the body,  this product is sure to keep the fire away from you enough to ensure your safety whilst still looking insanely awesome on stage.

Additional Information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 15 cm


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