As a certified metal fabricator and welder with over 9 years experience within the steel industry I decided to put my qualifications and experienced fabrication skills into something I enjoy so that it may help the community.

Being a flow arts practitioner for more than 6 years I have gained information and experience on how to optimize products that I design so that they may be the most comfortable to use but also the most unique by using a modular system i have designed to make the average prop become so much more.
Using only the best materials possible fabricating via a tig welding process all fans are designed using a 316 grade stainless steel and have a small/light weight feel as well as adding optimum strength to all steel frames, meaning that even if the paint is to chip or fade the steel itself shall never rust (Ie. constant handling of rust can cause staining of the skin or infection) which is what I have strived to negate from my products by using my knowledge and experience as a qualified metal fabricator.